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We currently have 133 photos in our photo galleries.

Featured Projects

Throughout the year we will focus on a feature project that we may find intriguing, informative, or extreme. Our goal with this project area is to show our clients the complete process of landscaping. From the intial design and site analysis to the construction and implementation of these ideas into your landscape. Check back frequently for new projects throughout the year.

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Looking for ideas on hardscaping projects in your landscape? Our hardscape collection involves those projects where we utilize pavers, retaining walls, freestanding walls, and natural stone within the landscape. When correctly implemented in the design of the landscape, your investment can show great returns in both visual and monetary value. Check out our hardscape collection of photos here.

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While the majority of our clients focus on the hardscaping of their landscaping, one of the key factors that tie your landscape into its surroundings is the plantings. Your plantings are essential to making your landscape around your home or business look and feel complete. Check out our selction of planting projects here.

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Water Features

The relaxing sound of running water, the focal interest of a splashing boulder, or a meandering flow of a creek through a property. All bring a tranquil element to your landscape of your home. From bubbling boulders and fountains, to waterfalls and ponds, our water features are sure to make you stop and take a moment to reflect the beauty of how water can be intergrated within your landscape. Check out our water feature projects.

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Fire Features

Focal elements in the landscape such as a fire feature increase your properties atmosphere and entertaining opportunites. In Minnesota, we cherrish the opportunities to be outside with friends and family, expecially around a fire. Add to this experience with an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit in your backyard living space. Take a look at some of the many fire features we have installed throughout the Minneapolis region.

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While landscapes can be conceptualized in your head, having the ability to plan out your visions on paper is a way to ensure your landscape not only fits your space, but also provides an scope of investment you have in your project that possibly could lead to savings. Waconia Landscaping Co and its professional design staff will sit down and help you conceptualize the landscape of your dreams, as well have a few ideas to help you expand upon and maximize your landscapes potential. Check out some our professional designs, done by graduates and experienced landscape design professionals.

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Now that you have made the investment in your landscape, now comes the upkeep. But as most know, maintaining your landscape to its optimal potential can be time consuming. Our professional staff is here to help alleviate some of the time and effort that it takes to upkeep your property by providing our clients with maintenance plans throughout the year. From mulching, yard clean up, and perennial bed prepping, to the removal of snow in the winter, Waconia Landscaping Co is your full service landscape service provider in Minneapolis and the outlying region.

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